Coldwater marine aquarium Blog 2007 April
22 April 2007

Tank progress and some more area pics

Work on the tank is coming along fine. I am now done with step 2 of the building process, the fiberglassing. Step 3 just started this weekend. For a complete description of the building process look at my DIY pages. Not much was done in the week as it was a demanding at work. The weather has been terribly cold too lately so I have stayed indoors most of the time.


Cutting fiberglass mat.

Fiberglassing done

Done fiberglassing.

Took a walk to the ocean this Saturday too. It was windy and cold now so the trip was short. Here are some landscape pictures to give you a view of the region. At the en of the trip I waded through some shallow tidepools and observed animals. I forgot to take pictures even though they were lying still in only 10 cm of water next to my feet! It was some gobies, beach shrimps, an eel and of course all the usual amphipods.


Rock climbing is all in the vogue these days. These are probably some students checking out new spots. Looks a bit fun. Myself, I prefer just looking at nature as a motivator to get outside.

16 April 2007

A walk to the ocean

Staturday was a nice warm spring day so I took a walk on an island nearby. Went down to the sea in a sheltered bay. The algae there are mostly slimy and brown. Not really how I want my tank to look. But there was incredible amounts of life in the tidal zone. The water was full of zooplankton. I found some hydroids in shallow water. That was good because I want to try those.


Barnacles. Notice the stunning amount of small ones! Are they from this year? Every square centimeter of the tidal zone was covered with those.

Sheltered biotope

Typical shelterd algae biotope

Hydroids anemones

Hydroids and anemones under rocks sheltered from strong light.

Found several of these strange gelatinous, but quite strong "blobs" og "sacks" drifted ashore in the tidal zone.

Strange organism

Gelatinous/rubbery blob

Strange organism

Another blob, cut open. Inside is another gelatinous sack with something resembling a snake like creature inside it.

13 April 2007

First entry!

Current status

Tank is being built. Work is going forward nicely.


Gluing double walls. Both for stiffness and insulation.


Plywood core

Skimmer arrived


Deltec APF600

Some pics from the local area

Local area

This is a great place for macro algae. Nutrient rich water with lots of movement.

Local area


Natural skimmate

Natural skimmate

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